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Cloud is the one word that's changing the world these days. Companies are realizing that it's not a myth anymore and striving hard to unlock the potential of cloud to zoom ahead of their competitors. However companies are still battling questions like:

  •  Should we adopt cloud?
  •  What are the benefits?
  •  Why should we adopt cloud?
  •  How much would it cost?
  •  Is the company ready for such a change?
  •  How long will it take to move to cloud?
  •  Should we move everything to cloud or just few applications?

Esolvit offers a complete end to end cloud assessment that includes assessing your organization, your goals and priorities and detailed report and roadmap to help your organization to transit to cloud.

By reviewing this assessment, you'll be able to rate your readiness and get help to create and execute your cloud strategy and roadmap.

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