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Applications in the cloud need robust and ongoing management and support. Thus the need for tools to manage various cloud providers is growing with every passing hour. Managing applications on cloud is a different ball game. The overall management of cloud applications is significantly less than the physical infrastructure. As the customer is neither the owner or is able to see the physical hardware, the management and operation costs are reduced drastically. With such lucrative benefits every organization is looking forward to take advantage of the cloud capabilities and fully leverage the cloud platform. However, organizations still require expert in navigating smoothly through the cloud maze.

This is where Esolvit comes into picture. We offer “Cloud Management” service to companies by managing their clod platform and cloud applications, so the companies can concentrate only on increasing their revenues and not take the burden of managing day to day operations.

We offer services by managing your applications and by providing support to ongoing administration of your cloud applications. We further support your ongoing development and optimize your cloud applications. We provide development resources on pay-as-you-go model. Esolvit provides an flexible, cost competitive and result oriented approach in maintaining your cloud applications. We design unique and tailor made cloud management package to suit your company’s requirements.

At Esolvit we have helped numerous customers in this regard; our approach is to bring the top notch talent with specialized skills at reasonable costs. Our talent rich dedicated resources have built highly scalable applications in the cloud using modern cloud development platforms.

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