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Migration process is always complex and daunting activity. If migration is not carried out in a methodical approach it could lead to disastrous results.

At Esolvit we will plan your migration strategy using a methodical approach, which originates from our expertise in migrating airlines into private and public clouds. While designing your migration plan your needs and constraints will be carefully analyzed and taken into account and also the plan will allow your business to function smoothly when moving your technology to the cloud.

With in depth knowledge of different technologies and business domains our hugely experienced team will study your needs and use various prove strategies to give you best personalized migration plans. We have state of the art tools at our disposal to seamlessly plan, design and execute migration strategy. Our tools are designed, built and tested after careful analysis of our clients’ needs and ease of use for our team members to provide transparency in the migration plan and strategy.

At Esolvit we understand that security is the main concern and sometimes an inhibiting factor moving towards cloud. We strive to create a migration plan to give you more ROI. Our customers have made extensive use of our free ROI calculator to assess their SLA’s and ongoing maintenance costs before they even start the process. We have taken huge initiatives to analyze, educate and recommend secure scalable solutions to our clients which have benefited them immensely.

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