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Esolvit provides three types of training programs for the organizations.
Not in the cloud: Is suited for organizations that are new to cloud.
Areas covered: Cloud value and FIT analysis for IT organizations. 1 week consulting engagement that will help you answer the following cloud questions:

  • » What is cloud?
  • » What is the value of cloud to my organization?
  • » What areas of my organizations will benefit from cloud?
  • » What is the best place to start?
  • » How to get started?
  • » How to set cloud goals?
  • » What are the risks?
  • » What are the right metrics?

Moving to Cloud: Is for organizations that understand cloud computing and making big plans to adopt cloud.
Areas covered: Cloud planning and design.
3-4 week consulting engagement that will help you prepare for the cloud journey. The engagement will help you with the following for 1 app using cloud planning and design tools from Esolvit:

  • » Identifying the right applications to the cloud
  • » Develop the Return On Investment (ROI) and Cost Model for running the applications on the cloud
  • » Design cloud app and infrastructure that can meet your demand
  • » Identify the best fit cloud platforms (Ex: Amazon, Rackspace et al) and contract terms
  • » Compare provider options
  • » Baseline capacity, cost and SLA
  • » Setup management and control processes
  • » Setup risk management plan

Already in the cloud: It is for organizations that adopted cloud in certain capacity and looking for a better way to accelerate their cloud adoption and also for tools and processes to effectively manage their cloud environment.

Areas covered: Cloud management and control 1-2 week consulting engagement to setup control processes to manage cloud. Automated cloud control solution can be demonstrated as value add. Critical questions that will be answered include:

  • » What are the current cloud control processes in line?
  • » How is vendor performance compliance being managed?
  • » How are cloud costs and utilizations being managed?
  • » What level of control automation in place today?
  • » How the changes to the cloud environment are is being managed?
  • » How are provider contracts structured? Risks?
  • » A to-be control and risk management process will be delivered to the customer
  • » A to-be control and risk management process will be delivered to the customer
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