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 To bring inspiration and innovation in products, services and technology solutions to join hands in transformation to the most advanced framework capabilities that will help them achieve profitable growth for all of our incredibly valued customers and shareholders worldwide.
Esolvit Story
A Vision that matters

Quotes Esolvit, Inc. has a core foundation that is comprised of what we feel is integral to a successful client partnership – honesty, integrity, professionalism. Our vision is simple – expeditious response, superior customer service and relationships, and the proven ability to be a true partner to our clients.

Esolvit Story that matters

Quotes It all began in the year 2000 with the aim of “Increase Revenue & Decrease Expenses for Customer”. To make this dream a reality Mr. Sri Boddapu started Esolvit Inc. in 2000, to help the customers in reaching their true potential.

In an industry which is ruled by ever changing trends and technology; companies battle various constrains everyday like budget constraints, value constraints and time constraints. To help companies overcome these constraints Esolvit incorporates consulting solutions to bring down the costs. Esolvit Inc’s Cloud Lab helps to bring the expenses down by 40%.

61% of the customers do not use the data available at their disposal. To help customers leverage the full potential of their data whether structured or unstructured Esolvit Inc forayed into Big Data Services. The third dimension of our company is the super efficient staffing solutions. We cover the 3600 of the staffing industry. We are the foremost promoters of next gen work culture i.e. remote staffing. Our recruiters have always made the interest of our clients their top priority by providing skilled workforce for contract, permanent or remote jobs.