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Business today is done at the speed of light, having visibility into operations is critical. A company’s operations analytics services can help in boosting service levels and efficiency while reducing costs in warehousing, transportation and inventory. ESolvit analytics provides automatic correlation and real time & historical analysis logs, monitors, events, topology and machine data.

At ESolvit operational analytics we focus on delivering in-depth and focused analysis of the performance of each key operational area of the business. To facilitate instant resolution of the problems in need of attention our analytics can address any area of the business and supply immediate suggestions and performance markers. It provides the top management a comprehensive and holistic view of the business, which enables the leaders to take informed decisions taking into account the impact as well as the efficiency levels of the interdependent organizational departments of the business.

ESolvit can help you align around information, anticipate and drive outcomes and act with confidence to maximize analytics results. Our system is designed specifically for deep integration and optimization with analytics software, does not only delivers peak performance, through more efficient management of both structured and unstructured data, but they can also provide an optimized, resilient and scalable solution tuned for different analytics demand.

Data that can be a part of operational analytics:

  • » Transactions
  • » Log data
  • » Events
  • » Emails
  • » Social media
  • » Sensors
  • » External feeds
  • » RFID scans or POS data
  • » Free form text
  • » Geospatial
  • » Audio
  • » Still images/videos

Our operational intelligence team is very fluent with different parameters that correlate the real time analysis of big data in motion with historical data and thereby delivering complete business insight in milliseconds. By continuously analyzing big data in motion, events and business process as they happening, one is able to take fully informed decisions that maximize business impact.

Key benefits:

  • » View all logs, monitors, events and machine data in single console
  • » Automatically correlate across the data to quickly diagnose issues
  • » Prioritize and manage events so that you can focus on what really matters
  • » Easily search historical data for analysis and planning
  • » Streamline operational processes to meet ever changing customer demands
  • » Optimize your production and distribution channel
  • » Overcome short term stresses or unexpected market changes
  • » More effectively allocate capital and human resouces
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