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Department of Information Resources
Information Technology Staff Augmentation(ITSAC)
Contract ID (DIR-TSO-3567)

DIR ITSAC ContractDIR ITSAC Contract

Vendor ID# 1205835431200
DIR ITSAC Contract: DIR-TSO-3567

Esolvit, Inc. is a HUB certified global leader in IT Services, product development, and Government Services. Esolvit is also approved to contract with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Information Technology Staff Augmentation (ITSAC) Services to Texas State and Local government agencies.

We offer information technology staff augmentation services (ITSAC) through our DIR contract. Specifically, Esolvit was awarded 168 categories of Information Technology labor rates to offer services for state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state.

Using this contract vehicle, Texas State and Local government agencies can streamline and reduce time in procuring and contracting. Agencies can negotiate and contract directly with Esolvit, Inc. for staff augmentation in information technology services.

To obtain a quote or place an order with Esolvit for services under this contract please contact one of the following individuals:

Esolvit, Inc. (512) 551-4000 dir@esolvit.com
Usha Boddapu (512) 350-9564 usha@esolvit.com
Cobe Dunn (512) 940-5060 cobe@esolvit.com
Priya Murthy (512) 761-1205 priya@esolvit.com


How to order: http://dir.texas.gov/View-Contracts-And-Services/Pages/Content.aspx?id=13

Please contact Esolvit, Inc. at 512-551-4000 or email us at dir@esolvit.com to find out more and discuss your specific requirements.

For more information regarding these services and this easy to use and flexible procurement and contracting vehicle,

see the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program Overview.

Click here for Contract Pricing information.

At Esolvit, Inc. we help clients improve performance by designing portfolios that emphasizes long term commitment and combines global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services, including consulting, application services, business process and IT outsourcing, and cloud-based solutions. Also supported by resource reallocation, integrated business-unit strategies, and planning processes that position our clients for success.

Our research over 20 years suggests that growth is overwhelmingly determined by the markets in which companies choose to compete. This is why identifying the right trends and making the big moves to capitalize on them is critical to success. Yet many companies passively manage their portfolios through a yearly, largely financial review of a single overarching budget and miss segment-level opportunities within the existing portfolio of businesses and beyond.

We support clients to improve performance across their existing portfolio and pinpoint opportunities for growth in new business areas. We also help identify areas where they might need to cut back or divest.

Our breadth of expertise, proprietary tools, and experience make us uniquely suited to advise clients on which fine-grained combination of business segments and markets will create the most value

Our team of executive level service professionals, each has over twenty years of industry experience covering IT Consulting services, Business Intelligence, developing cutting edge technology, development and maintenance and support services, Project management, IT Assessments and Planning. Over 80% of our consultants are experts who not only hold industry recognized certifications like PMP®, MPM, CSM®, CST®, PSM, CSPO®, MCSE®, PRINCE2 but also are equally skillful and proficient at helping your organization manage the rapid change and complexities inherent to technology service operations. They have spent their careers running service and support operations and solving the complex problems that challenge the industry.

Please see below for more information regarding these services and the easy to use and flexible procurement and contracting vehicle:

If you are interested in more information on our new services through DIR Cooperative Contracts Overview, DIR Contract No. DIR-TSO-3567, please contact us by one of the following methods, and feel free to reference the DIR Cooperative Contracts Overview.

DIR Contract Documents:

Mail: Usha Boddapu
Address: Esolvit, Inc., 11675 Jollyville Road, Suite 152, Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512) 350-9564, (512) 940-5060, (512) 761-1205
Fax: (512) 628-6256
E-mail: usha@esolvit.com, dir@esolvit.com
Website: www.esolvit.com

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