Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services is one of the most competitive IT fields today, and while many companies are currently offering cloud services, not many take the time to fully understand their client's needs.

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At Esolvit, we don’t rush you through the transition process, instead we help you identify your goals and priorities and provide you a detailed report that will empower you to make the decisions that best fit your needs. Our assessment will rate your “Cloud Readiness” and help us create and execute a “Cloud Strategy Roadmap” that fits your current needs and grows with your business.

Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment

Esolvit offers a complete end to end cloud assessment that includes assessing your organization's goals and priorities while offering a detailed report to help your organization transit to cloud.By reviewing this assessment, you'll be able to rate your readiness and get help to create and execute your cloud strategy and roadmap.

Cloud Strategy

Many IT professionals in the recent past have suggested that cloud computing has changed the computing landscape by representing a fundamental shift in the delivery of information technology services. Cloud computing offers a banquet of technologies and services that include :

Elastic scaling
Utility computing
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Software Oriented Architectures (SOA)
Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
On-demand computing resources

Surveys show that cloud adoptees who have embraced one or more applications like Google Gmail/Calendar or are more aggressive in their planning and approach than their competitors.

Many IT Directors have become advocates of cloud computing as it impacts business, not just the IT costs. Adopting cloud computing technologies have made companies smart in their businesses. A staggering number of cloud adopters have agreed that cloud technologies:

01 Enabled companies to respond faster to business requirements
02 Helped companies to achieve specific business objectives which are significantly quicker and easier to deploy
03 Changed the way companied did their business
04 Helped companies to significantly lower their IT spending

Given the huge impact of cloud technologies on business and the sheer number of technologies, services, and platforms, it is necessary to have an efficient cloud strategy that takes into account specific roadmaps for cloud adoption without sacrificing quality of service and service level agreements to reduce or eliminate up front capital and operational expenses.

At Esolvit we provide strategic services to help our customers learn and implement cloud technologies to maximize revenue and realize substantial cost savings.

Cloud Platform

On-demand Cloud Brokerage Platform brings technology partners to a common platform that helps customers quickly select, deploy, and control Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions from a single console.

What is Cloud Brokerage Platform?

It is a single interface where you can compare, order, and manage cloud services from different vendors online.

You can design and manage application architecture in the cloud.