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Client Speaks

I've used Esolvit's social expertise in the past to expand my team, so I'm excited to see that they're expanding their offerings. Esolvit brings a lot of experience to the table, and has always done whatever it took to get a job completed.

Cashnet USA

Esolvit is extremely professional, commitment to fulfilling requirements and very personable customer service. Extremely responsive to requirements and needs of the customer. Collaborative and knowledgeable on the market and very hands on with its solution.

The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC)
Chief Contract Manager

Our relationship with Esolvit has been tremendous. For me, it’s not the size of the company, it’s the relationships that are built…It has been my pleasure to have your staff provide such excellent service and we look forward to a long relationship with your company.

3M Worldwide
Product Development Manager
3M Worldwide

Great Professional team, honest, open and transparent. Getting work done attitude along with commitment. Great to work with Esolvit!

Esolvit has a great process of recruitment, selection and identifying the right resource for the clients. The team at Esolvit are passionate to help the client and get timely feedback on the milestone achievements, performance and customer inputs on the services and staffing provided to the client on the regular basis.

HID Global
IT Director
HID Global

Esolvit is expanding its services into social commerce platform and product development with specialization in technologies like Mongo DB, Load JS, Big Data Analytics, Android & iOS etc. These services delivered with a tireless focus on customer satisfaction makes for a great partnership. I hope I get the chances to do more with him and his expert team members.

Senior Manager

The best value that I received from Esolvit have been in the areas of high level and solution design using next gen technologies and products like API gateways, Cloud design and IoT. Esolvit was unbelievable when I need expertise in Tibco Products or Salesforce or Adobe Experience Manager, they always provided me with the required services – like well tested design patterns or the right resources who could come and help my team implement it.

Consumer and Market Research Leader

Provided very professional and skilled personnel. Communication was very effective with the team of Esolvit.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)
Project Manager

Esolvit team are a great organization. They were true partners with our company, and they strived to do whatever it took to make our business and project successful. Sri and his experienced staff were there to guide us along the planning stages and that eased the transition into implementation. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced. Sri met with our company in person many times to offer advice and check on the progress of the project. We will be using Esolvit again to help us augment and strengthen our team on future projects.

Service Lloyds
IT Project Manager
Service Lloyds