Esolvit, Inc. Company Culture

Esolvit prides itself on having a company culture that encourages career development, community service, innovation, teamwork, and fun.

Our company culture is best described as warm, inviting, and relaxed, our staff is treated like family. Our IT staff is well versed in their respective fields, but they are always encouraged to learn and adopt new technology, our management team is empowered to make business decisions, and our leadership team is always open to new ideas.

We offer competitive compensation packages and great benefits, but money is not everything, we have built and continue to maintain a company culture that makes every employee feel valued, safe, and welcomed.

Diversity and Inclusion

To us, diversity and inclusion are not buzzwords we throw around lightly, and our leadership team and hiring practices reflects this value. We know that having a diverse team helps us approach our client’s problems from different perspectives and help us come up with original and ingenious solutions. For us, complying with the law against discriminatory practices is not enough, we go above and beyond and actively recruit women, people of color, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign-born residents, LGBT individuals, and veterans.

Esolvit Giving : Pledge 1%

Esolvit is proud to be a “Pledge 1%” company and we have supported over 25 non-profits and donated several thousand hours for community service and have been honored by City of Austin with Excellence award for giving back to community in 2019. Esolvit Cares, our employee-led philanthropic arm, has raised more than $500,000 since its inception in 2006. As part of our service-driven culture, Esolvit encourages every employee to volunteer in their community for one full day per quarter. Esolvit, Inc. has demonstrated resilience and performance with excellence in managing, operating and delivering on our promise to our clients. We know it is our hard work of our employees, dedication, teamwork and perseverance that drive the success. Esolvit has been able to reach a comfortable level of success, and we are very thankful of the opportunities that were afforded to us along the way. Today, we recognize we have a privileged position in our community, and we know that with privilege, comes the responsibility to be a positive impact in our community.

Esolvit Giving : Pledge 1%

Certificate of Appreciation towards Small Business Community Education.

Certificate of Appreciation towards Small Business Community Education

Certificate of Appreciation from Federal U.S. Department of Treasury towards Contribution of Small Businesses in educating Federal Government Procurement Process

Esolvit, Inc. has been honored by City of Austin with "Excellence Award for Giving Back to Community " in 2019.

Excellence Award for Giving Back to Community

City of Austin Excellence award for giving back to community