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We offer innovative solutions by leveraging our product engineering expertise.

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In a market governed by technology, products see rapid evolution and transformation. Software companies, therefore, constantly seek to launch new product enhancements with agility and efficiency. With a growing market, enterprises look to increase bandwidth to focus on core activities and look for a reliable testing partner who provides a full range of product testing services. Additionally, to improve the time-to-market, enterprises look to reduce testing time while maintaining the product quality.

Esolvit Testing Services offers a comprehensive set of testing services including life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation services, the design and implementation of test centers of excellence, specialized testing including performance, SOA, data, package, product, security, and infrastructure testing. Esolvit Testing Services has a full set of mobile testing services and can provide end-to-end application testing ranging from mobile devices to Internet applications and enterprise applications. Many of the services can be delivered from the cloud including Application Virtualization.

Key Challenges:

Return on investment: There is an increasing pressure on QA organizations to build efficiencies and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) from their testing spends.

Reduced time-to-market: With businesses defining timelines for a reduced time to market phase, there is increased focus on optimizing test lifecycles for applications being development.

Enhanced performance: With the enhanced role of IT in business growth, testing plays a key role in ensuring that applications are fully functioning at all times.

Impact of new technologies: With ever-growing complexity due to the influx of new technologies (such as SOA, mobile and cloud), QA has to adapt itself to the changing paradigm.

Regulatory compliance: Changing regulations require testing to ensure that applications conform to the new norms.

Our services augment flexible engagement models to gain cost, scale, and bandwidth benefits, while our strong globalization and localization testing capabilities ensure that the product meets the local demands of new markets. We also bring you sustainable test automation which ensures significant reduction in regression testing time. Our specialized quality frameworks, tools, accelerators, and methodologies enable cost-effective product testing with high quality.

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