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Esolvit has experience working with leading organizations across a range of industries

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Financial Services


New technologies and developments are giving people a better perspective and control over their own care and well-being. The patient now has the freedom to choose innovative providers that are empowered to deliver the personal service yearned for by patients. Healthcare organizations are facing challenges in seizing new opportunities.

Esolvit, Inc. comes with the solution to bridge the gap between the healthcare organizations and patients looking for quality and personal healthcare services with a service platform connecting the conversations, devices, processes, services and patient data in a whole new, secure, way.

Retail Services

Communication Services



What makes government successful? A government that listens to its citizens, and on that is connected to its citizens. Good governance is ensured only when people’s voices are heard. When technology is changing everything around us, how can government operations be left untouched?

Esolvit, Inc. help to bridge the gap between citizens and their government. It provides a platform for people and government to exchange ideas, views, grievances and opinions. People get a voice and government is connected to people across the social networking strata in a better and more effective way. The end results would be an informed and aware citizen and a responsive, effective and efficient government.

Add the donation capability of the platform to any initiative and now launch the ability to raise funds for any local, state, or federal initiative that has now been “Super-Charged” with social sharing amongst all supporting constituents.





In today's technology-driven world, every business relies on IT professionals. Esolvit specializes in understanding and leveraging the unique synergies in which industries and skills come together. We staff professionals based on their technical skills and industry experience ensuring that our client partners are getting the best talent available for their specific needs.