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In the age of digital transformation, a cloud-first approach
brings the agility and flexibility you need to outperform competitors.

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Cloud Strategy

Many IT professionals in the recent past have suggested that cloud computing has changed the computing landscape by representing a fundamental shift in the delivery of information technology services. Cloud computing offers a banquet of technologies and services that include :

Surveys show that cloud adoptees who have embraced one or more applications like Google Gmail/Calendar or Salesforce.com are more aggressive in their planning and approach than their competitors. Many IT Directors have become advocates of cloud computing as it impacts business, not just the IT costs. Adopting cloud computing technologies have made companies smart in their businesses. A staggering number of cloud adopters have agreed that cloud technologies:

Given the huge impact of cloud technologies on business and the sheer number of technologies, services, and platforms, it is necessary to have an efficient cloud strategy that takes into account specific roadmaps for cloud adoption without sacrificing quality of service and service level agreements to reduce or eliminate up front capital and operational expenses.

At Esolvit we provide strategic services to help our customers learn and implement cloud technologies to maximize revenue and realize substantial cost savings.

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