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Let our team of technology engineers guide you through the steps of optimizing your business processes to stay ahead of your competition.

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Esolvit Services

In today’s ever-changing digital world, streamlining business processes is key to staying competitive. Esolvit’s expertise lies in engineering solutions to each of our client’s unique problems using the latest technologies. Once we understand your goals, we collaborate with your team to create a tailored plan for your business, and we deliver excellent support at each step of the way. Our comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions can help every industry including government, healthcare and transportation. We are field experts in upcoming technologies including AI, ML, Cloud Computing and IoT (Internet of Things). Our goal is to give you the digital tools you need to achieve your goals efficiently; let us help you redefine, redesign, and digitally reinvent your business operations.

Technology Services

Esolvit creates end-to-end digital solutions and offers product engineering expertise for a variety of industries. Our technology scientists collaborate with your team to identify problems and resolve them efficiently using the latest technologies. Our services include Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development Services, Application Maintenance and Support, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, IT project Management Services, IT Assessments and Planning, and Procurement Assistance.

Digital Talent Management

The greatest asset a company can have is its employees thus recruiting and retaining quality employees is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. In the IT field, many positions are plagued by frequent turnover and IT professionals often report feeling unhappy at work. After many years of helping companies overcome staffing issues, Esolvit created a proprietary AI patented software that is poised to transform hiring. It matches job seekers to jobs that not only fit their skill but also five other characteristics including culture, location, and business domain. We are experts at building successful teams one match at a time.


Government Services

Product Engineering Services

Investing in IT Product Engineering services is similar to investing in a tailored suit or dress, we know sthat an off-the-shelf product may help with some IT issues, but a product designed especially for your company will fit like a glove and solve most, if not all, IT issues. Over the last 15 years, Esolvit has perfected the product engineering process from consulting to designing the user interface, developing and testing, to deploying the product.


Cyber Security Services

Cloud Services