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Our Team

Esolvit Inc., team of industry innovators works together to define a
new standard of success in the multifamily industry.

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Sri Rao Boddapu

Founder/CEO of Esolvit Inc.,
Serial IT Entrepreneur & Mentor.

Sri Rao Boddapu is a renewed leader, philanthropist, Chairman for Esolvit Inc, President for Cloudsolvit, Inforide Technologies, Technozant, Voice of BigData. Sri is a strategist, great motivator and a mentor. Sri is a natural leader and his passion to provide highest quality of customer satisfaction is phenomenal. Sri is a technical savvy, results-oriented entrepreneurial leader and generated more than several thousand jobs through his 5 major corporations with proven success in building and managing multimillion-dollar enterprises. He possesses 18 years of experience in building companies and can expertly steer companies through turbulent economic times. He ignites young men with his mentoring skills. His service to the Austin community is quiet appreciable. He does lot of social service to poor and physically challenged students. He is actively involved in feed the hunger and also provides merit scholarships to desired students.

Sri is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CloudSolvit, which is a brain child of his vision in cloud computing. As the face of the company, Sri actively leads and involves in pursuing new opportunities to execute strategic plan with a mission of creating a Cloud Solutions company.

Along with Cloudsolvit Sri is working as Chairman and member of the Board in Esolvit Inc., since 2006. With his strategic and operational leadership, Sri successfully developed marketing plans which consistently achieved steady growth in sales, turnover and profits of the company globally.

Sri is Co-founder and President of Inforide Technologies since 2000, which has become a multimillion dollar company with his diverse industry and functional expertise. With his tenacious commitment the company scaled to profit and market share growth.

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USA Headquarters/Central Region:
Suite#152, 11675 Jollyville Road,
Austin, TX 78759

E-mail: info@esolvit.com
Phone: +1(512)551-4000
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