Maya Ingram

Strategic Business Advisor

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Maya Ingram is a seasoned professional with over three decades of tenured experience in government procurement, HUB, and administrative positions. In 2018 she accepted the Manager position for the Statewide HUB program. As manager, she guided the program through the chaotic pandemic environment, established new virtual processes for HUB coordinators and vendors, transitioned the program’s statutory manual paper certification and audit process into an online delivery system, updated the program administrative rules, updated the HUB subcontracting plan forms, oversaw the statewide program education and outreach plan and compiled the state’s Semi and Annual Total expenditure data reports that included an analysis of total state expenditures to HUB Goals with HUBs and non-HUBs contract awards.

From fiscal years 2018 – 2023, under Maya’s leadership, the HUB program certifications increased by an estimated 2,500 new certifications while total expenditures with HUBs fluctuated. In FY22 the total HUB expenditures increased by 1.3% from the previous year or $3.4 billion of contract awards to HUB vendors. In FY23 expenditures again increased by 1.1% to $3.8 billion awarded to HUBs.

Today, Maya leverages her extensive expertise in HUB, procurement and contracting to offer strategic consulting services to businesses seeking to secure state contracts and serves as the Strategic Business Advisor to Esolvit November of 2023.