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IT Infrastructure Services

Transformation Thinking means transformation doing.

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Esolvit helps agencies navigate the challenges of transformation in a climate of budget reductions. We work with you to identify your priorities and plan for success. We execute the plan from implementation to ongoing operational support with end-to-end capabilities that include:

Infrastructure Operations and Management

Esolvit installs and configures systems, maintains software upgrades, assists users with troubleshooting issues, implements backup strategies, and improves performance across the enterprise.

End-User Services

We provide end-users with services such as virtual desktop access, print management, and local backups.

Managed Services

Esolvit knows government agencies face budgetary constraints, therefore it is essential to dedicate government IT experts to strategic projects instead of spending those hours on IT maintenance. Esolvit manages day-to-day services and integrates off-the-shelf products for clients looking to free up resources.

Enterprise Computing

Esolvit quickly and efficiently applies enterprise software solutions across an organization and customizes for specific user needs. Our expertise includes analytics, database management, security, and applications. We help clients save money by integrating solutions that solve and apply to a range of challenges. Instead of buying single-solution software their client can focus on achieving a maximum ROI

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